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All new fic added at the bottom.

That Rift Between Us - Kurt/Blaine + Mrs Anderson, PG
It’s a terribly awkward moment for a mother when she realises that she no longer recognises her own son.

Soccer and Cookies - Blaine/Sam friendship, G
Kid!Blam play soccer in the rain.

Wouldn't Miss It For The World - Blaine/Sam + Kurt/Blaine, PG-13
They’re men now, and Blaine is marrying Kurt and Sam is sitting in his Ohio apartment with unwashed dishes in the sink and a guitar with broken strings sitting dusty in the closet.

You Should Take Your Shirt Off - Quinn/Blaine, NC-17
“I was made an offer I couldn’t resist,” he replied, feeling heat tingle throughout his veins as he took in the sight of her, standing bare-foot in her bedroom with a loose tumble of curls cascading around her shoulders and the curve of her breasts soft beneath her shirt.

Playing With Ice - Quinn/Blaine + background Kurt/Blaine, PG-13
She kisses differently to Kurt.

Thirteen - Kurt/Blaine, R (WIP)
Kurt is sent away to Ealing to stay with his aunt for two weeks. Whilst there he discovers a temperamental clock and a disappearing garden—and a beautiful boy from the 1940s. (AU of "Tom's Midnight Garden" by Philippa Pearce.) 
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time - Kurt/Sebastian, NC-17
Kurt and Sebastian and their careful, violent dichotomy of a relationship. (Full title: "I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time" from Richard Siken's poem 'Little Beast'.)

Strangeness and Charm - Kurt/Sebastian, NC-17 (WIP)
[Hogwarts AU] Kurt Hummel never wanted to be a Slytherin--especially not when it landed him in the same house as Sebastian Smythe. 
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Welcome Home - Kurt/Blaine, NC-17
Cliché as it sounds, Blaine smells like home to Kurt. (A.k.a. accidental grinding in the middle of an airport and blowjobs in the backseat of a car.)

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